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Velox Technology

The Veloxiti Cognitive computing framework is an application which includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Velox. An “IBM Watson like capability” which is government purpose rights software.

Veloxiti AI Works would be happy to instruct, implement, support and modify the application.  The data fusion software capability called Velox was developed at Aberdeen Proving Ground inside the Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate at the Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center.

This intelligent cognitive software plug-in assists in management of complex tactical communications networks while increasing the networks’ agility, efficiency, and responsiveness, whether stationary or on the move. This intelligent tool leverages proven technology to help manage existing network resources more efficiently, including those without in-depth network administration skills.

VELOX Toolset is a commerical software engineering framework for building intelligent systems that adapt continuously to endlessly changing situations.

VELOX Toolset provides the core components for rapid and cost-effective development of intelligent systems. The product is initially being marketed and deployed in the US and EU markets.

World map with binary code overlay

Velox Key Points


Velox is also not a machine-learning system, but integrating with nearly any external AI component is possible – almost trivial, in fact. Thus, Velox can serve as the integration platform for many different AI tools and techniques.


Velox is a Java-based framework which includes an Eclipse-based development environment and a high-performance cognitive engine for executing knowledge.


Velox is not a rule-based system and has little in common with rule-based systems.


Our heritage includes large programs such as the Pilot’s Associate and efforts in the rotorcraft and UAV domains.


Our approach has been strongly influenced by John Boyd (the OODA loop), Michael Bratman (the originator of the Belief-Desires-Intention software model), and AI pioneers such as John McCarthy.


The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) is an application for gathering human performance data during manned system experiments.